Keeping the exterior of your home looking good is very important as it reflects on both you and your family; it also affects the value of your property and the other properties nearby. Replacing features such as the windows and doors isn’t something done very often and requires a decent amount of your hard-earned cash, so it is something that requires proper planning before making your design choices and finding a good supplier. As one of those features, your front door is a crucial part of your home; it needs to be secure, aesthetically pleasing, and last a long time. We’ll take a look at what options are available, the different materials used and how to source a good installation partner for your home improvement project.

Finding A Great Supplier

Front doors come in all shapes and sizes; if you don’t have a firm idea of what you want, looking at what is available is a great first step, from ready-made off the shelf doors to bespoke doors made to your own design, the choice is endless. An internet search for local suppliers of front doors is also a good initial idea; use your favourite search engine and type in ‘bespoke door Oxfordshire or something similar. This search should provide a decent listing of local businesses; cross-referencing with consumer websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo can narrow down the list of possible suppliers. When you have a shortlist of around half a dozen, take some time to view their websites and products to see if they have any doors you might like. From there, you can progress to making contact and starting the whole design and installation process.

Looking At The Different Materials

Front doors are manufactured in a number of different materials and hundreds of styles and designs; you might prefer a solid door or one with glazed panels; the choice is yours. What it is then made from will affect the cost; let’s look at the materials now –

  • Timber – is a traditional choice with high thermal efficiency, but its classic look is expensive and requires more maintenance than other materials.
  • Upvc – this is a long-lasting, low-cost material but does restrict the design choices, and colours can also change shape with temperature.
  • Composite is a mixture of materials and is increasingly popular; they don’t warp or rust, making them ideal; they perform well in all categories but are expensive.
  • Aluminium – doors made from this material are strong and precision-engineered; they score highly in thermal performance but are quite expensive.

Other Issues to Consider

When choosing your new front door, you should also think about a number of other factors, the environmental issues involved with the materials are one of these. Timber and Aluminium score highly in this area as timber is obviously sustainable and Aluminium is fully recyclable and is often referred to as the green metal. Upvc scores poorly in this area; it is not recyclable and ends up as landfill. Security will also be a factor when picking your new door; look for the doors that have passed the Secured by Design certification requirements.

Whatever direction you take with your new front door, I hope this short article has given you a great starting point to approach the project with confidence.