We all know that the locksmith is the guy you call when you lock yourself out of the house, or the car; yet a locksmith has a diverse range of skills and can supply and install security systems. While this was a mechanical trade for hundreds of years, everything is digital and the locksmith has evolved alongside digital tech.

Here are some of the services offered by your local locksmith.

  • Auto Key Replication – If you lost your BMW keys, your local Baldivis locksmith can create a duplicate, complete with chip. Not all locksmiths do this but they are not hard to find with a Google search.
  • Video Surveillance – It might surprise you to learn that a locksmith is fully capable of supplying and installing any make of CCTV system and what’s more, prices are around 15% lower than a home security firm would charge. Once installed, the locksmith would demonstrate how to manage the system; which is easy if you can use a PC.
  • Keyless Access Control – The future of home security is here; a keypad replaces the traditional lock and all family members have the password; go hi-tech and have a biometric system installed that works with fingerprints. Say goodbye forever to losing your keys, which you no longer have to carry around.
  • Car Alarm Systems – If you want some extra protection on your dream car, talk to your local locksmith, who would have already installed many. He can advise you re: the best brands and for a small fee, he will fit the system for you.
  • Gate and Garage Remote – If your electric gate remote fails, the locksmith can fix it; There isn’t much in the digital range that the locksmith cannot do, with all forms of remote repair and replacement.
  • Security Alarms – Any make can be supplied and installed by a locksmith and prices are lower than you would find from a regular security firm.
  • Safe Installation – Any brand of safe can be acquired and installed; many homeowners have a concealed safe to store valuables, plus the locksmith can recommend specific models. It makes sense to keep luxury watches, gold, passports and land titles somewhere secure and in the right location, your assets are as safe as can be.

Free Security Evaluation

Google your local locksmith and ask them to pay you a home visit and offer their professional opinion about your home security. All forms of digital locking are his domain and by dealing with the locksmith, you will save 15-20%, plus your home will be secure.

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