Next time you are in a factory or warehouse, take a look at the flooring and you’ll see it is epoxy resin. Commercial flooring demands specific properties, with durability and resistance to chemicals a priority, while non-slip surfaces are essential.

Here are just a few of the benefits of epoxy resin flooring.

  • Industrial StrengthEpoxy flooring in Adelaide will outlast any other floor material, making it the best floor solution for any commercial or industrial premises. If the floor is installed by industry professionals, you can be sure to receive many years of safe and reliable floor use. In the event of any damage, epoxy is very easy to repair and the contractor can do this at any time.
  • Can Be Installed on Any Substrate – The great thing about epoxy is it can be installed onto any substrate; concrete, stone, screed and if you want your company logo under the floor, this can be done with epoxy resin solutions. Ideal for creating lanes and loading bays, you can have any form of graphic or text embedded under the epoxy, enabling you to create a safer working environment.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – Waterproof and non-slip, epoxy is easy to wash down, plus it is resistant to all forms of chemical. Your staff will be very happy with the new flooring, which will promote safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Colour Choices – The list is endless, indeed, the supplier would be happy to create a specific shade and you can merge colours and have any form of graphic embedded under the epoxy. Greens, reds, yellows and white are all possible and you can digitally design the floorspace, putting lines and symbols where necessary.
  • Affordability – When compared to other flooring materials, epoxy offers a flooring that ticks all the boxes from a business owner’s perspective. This flooring really is a fit-and-forget solution, plus it is very versatile in appearance and allows for graphic insertion.
  • Project the Right Image – When you receive visitors to your facility, the flooring will be a main feature, demonstrating your commitment to safety and hygiene in the workplace.

If you are planning a new warehouse build and are looking for the ultimate commercial flooring, look no further than epoxy resin. A Google search will help you locate a commercial flooring contractor that specialises in epoxy flooring solutions and they would be happy to make a few suggestions on floor design.

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