If you live in Chelsea and, you’ve noticed any damp patches on the walls of your home, then you should first try and find the root cause, sometimes it’s nothing to worry about, other than improving air ventilation. New builds are susceptible to problems if the new owners don’t vent the property properly. In older, traditional homes you might have more to worry about, either way here’s why it need addressing;

New build

Some experts say that there could be up to a ton of water within the fabric of your newly built home, mainly down to things like wet weather during the construction process on top of the water used to mix things like cement. If you buy a new build, then, the chances are, it will be built around a timber frame and use plasterboard for the internal walls whilst the wood is treated, the home will require a ‘drying out period’, a quick call to a local damp specialist in Chelsea will be able to confirm, equally, you could have a leak!

Traditional home

If you live in an older, traditional home of its era, then you can be pretty sure it has already gone through its drying out process so, if you see damp patches on the walls or ceilings it could be a big cause for concern. Perhaps you have water leak somewhere internally or, somehow water may be getting in from outside.


You can do a visual check but, in either situation, you should either consult with your builder if it’s a new build or, get a local professional tradesperson to come and check it out for you.

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