For decades terracotta cladding has been the medium being used on walls to give the building a natural texture and a unique appearance. Because of its flawless finish, Terracotta Rainscreen is often considered an alternative to exposed brick masonry. Because it is made of water and clay, it is 100% material and is also environmentally friendly. The best aspect is that terracotta cladding can blend perfectly with other materials like glass, and stone surfaces, rendering an excellent look to the exterior of a building.

Offers an aesthetic appeal

Every commercial building desires to add beauty and appeal to its entire structure. Whether one is considering a heritage building or a modern one, terracotta cladding can assure aesthetic appeal in the best possible manner. Because of the smooth, and natural texture of the cladding, there is a uniqueness offered to the walls after the final application. The value of the entire property rises with the incorporation of terracotta wall cladding.

Low maintenance

One of the benefits of considering terracotta cladding is its low maintenance feature, and it is of utmost importance to commercial buildings. There is no need to dust the surfaces of the cladding frequently. Furthermore, it demands a power wash of only two to three years, and sometimes even more. In addition to the low maintenance, the Terracotta Rainscreen also offers a natural and fresh appearance to the buildings. Thus, it saves effort, time, and maintenance expenses as well.

Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Investing in terracotta cladding can prove to be significantly energy-efficient. First of all, it is made of natural materials, clay, and water. The combination results in terracotta which has an excellent reputation for eliminating heat absorption. When it is applied to the building walls, the heat absorption to the interior of the building gets prevented or eliminated.

Thus, with a reduction or elimination in thermal transfer to commercial buildings, one doesn’t have to switch on the air-conditioning or heating, keeping the energy consumption low. Since 100% clay is in use, it has emerged as a popular eco-friendly choice in the real estate sector. Since it is sustainable, recycling is possible. Furthermore, terracotta cladding is a safe procedure with required fireproof ratings.

Higher durability

Another benefit of using terracotta wall cladding on commercial buildings is that it is long-lasting. It can last for years without incurring any damage. Thanks to its weather-resistant feature that helps the building to withstand the extreme weather conditions for years. furthermore, terracotta classing is also resistant to harmful UV rays. Therefore, the building color is prevented from getting faded faster. In addition, the building is assured of optimal protection as it is fire-resistant as well.


From the above discussion, it is clear that terracotta wall cladding has emerged popular in several parts of the world. The use of natural materials, along with the easy application makes it a great option for commercial buildings. The multiple benefits of using Terracotta Rainscreen cladding are impressive. Energy-efficiency, eco-friendly, and high durability also make terracotta wall cladding must-have incorporation in every construction.

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