Neutral colors have been the go-to for many homeowners in designing their kitchens.But recent trends in the design community have given other colors a chance to showcase their ability to transform spaces. For those looking for a unique color story with more personality, bright, pastels, and dark colors are viable options—each impactskitchens differently.


Brights are known for giving rooms a pop of color. They are loud, attention-grabbing, and exciting. Colors like yellow, orange, red, green, cyan, and magenta can add visual interest to a dull kitchen. However, homeowners should be cautious in combining too many bright colors in one room as it could be hard on the eyes.

Integrate brightsin your kitchen designthrough furniture and fixtures.Chairs, tables, and switches can enhance a kitchen’s look when painted to accent the room. Brightly colored kitchenware like plates and mugs can also be used for this purpose, especially when you have open shelving.


Pastels are popular options in today’s design world. Soft colors like baby blue and bubblegum pinkare known to be calming, soothing, and relaxing. Paints with low intensity or saturation are easier to work with compared to strong counterparts as they are less likely to overwhelm the room.

Use pastels by opting for softly colored kitchen appliances. These colors are often used in retro-style kitchenware. But there are modern ways to incorporate theminto your kitchen,such as by painting an accent wallor decorating with artwork.


When you think of dark colors, black is usually the first color that comes to mind. But tons of other colors are part of darks, such as navy blue, maroon, gray, and brown.

Dark colors are best for kitchens that covera small area and receive little natural light. This is because darks can create the illusion of negative space in the room, highlighting the other colors in the kitchen.

To utilize dark colors in your kitchen redesign,try painting the walls and ceilings the same color. This will make the room appear larger. Darks can also accent cabinets by availing of cabinetrefacing Corona. Thestaining will result in a more classic look.

Choosing the right color palette for your kitchen can be challenging. Determine what design is best for youby hiring professional kitchen remodeling companies Huntington Beach. Experienced designers can help you build your dream kitchen and offer countless design options for you to consider.

The rising trends in kitchen remodeling do not stop in color as open shelving and vintage appliances are making a comeback. Learn more about them when you read this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That are Making a Comeback

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