Occasionally homeowners aren’t aware that they have a roof leak; there may be no indications at all. In other situations, wet patches may emerge on the ceilings or even on work surfaces, it may be caused by something leaking within your house so you may need a plumber, on the other hand, those damp patches might be the sign of something a little more serious;


A simple test you can do is to see if the wet spot growing larger and larger, or, if water drops start to come through the ceiling, then, it’s usually a serious problem, you should call a plumber and look into roof repair in Falkirk. Turn off your mains water supply and keep an eye on the area, if the patch becomes larger when it rains then you defiantly need your roof inspected, if not then, whilst you wait for the plumber to turn up you could try isolating the incoming supply by using the flow valves.

Can a roofing contractor fix an internal leak?

Roofers and plumbers are totally separate crafts and areas of specialty, and while you could discover a ‘handy man’ on social media, they are unlikely to be certified professionals and are only handy when it comes to screws and screwdrivers. If you are certain, it is an internal leak, contact a professional plumber; if you suspect a roof leak then call a roofing specialist.

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