Screens are not just to be considered a luxury but should be for security as well. It has moved to a necessity. Many homeowners have installed door screens to protect their family members. From whom? Of course, nobody knows what the intention of a person is when sneaking outside. Also, the threat of flying and crawling insects are dangerous, especially to kids.

It is suggested to install a screen door to prevent these pests from coming inside. Door screens are the perfect solution to prevent them from coming in. Therefore, you should choose among these screen doors to install. The entrance door is the most prone part to where these pests come in. So, it is essential to put a mesh screen at the entry door. With the various screen doors available in the market, you must pick a mesh screen door with magnets.

Why is it the best option?

A mesh screen door is a perfect variant of available screen doors. Why? It has tiny holes that are impossible for the smallest insects or pests to come in. Sometimes, they call the mesh screen a magic screen because of the hands-free magnetic screen door. Anyone who passes the door doesn’t have to hold it to open; unlike the standard screen door that needs to be installed with the help of screen door installers. With the mesh screen door, anyone can install it. By following the instructions on the video, you will learn to install and remove it. So, it is easy for you to wash the mesh screen because you can remove it by yourself.

The magic mesh

A mesh screen is also called the magic mesh. Here are the different reasons why:

  • Invisible. The mesh screen is invisible, especially if you are at a distance. You will not notice that it is a screen and it is very clean in the eyes. You will never consider it unpleasant because it has zero visibility. Thus, it doesn’t ruin the interiors.
  • Magnetic closure. Anyone enters and goes out without closing it. It automatically closes behind after passing it. It is the reason why it is a kids’ and pets’ friendly screen door. Hands-free. There is no force applied when opening the mesh screen that makes it work like magic. There is no need to hold to open or close the mesh door, it does itself.
  • Using powerful magnets. The powerful magnets will help the mesh screen turn back into place when someone passes on it. These magnets will help the mesh screen return how it is supposed to be; like a door protection system.

Door size suited for mesh screen!

There is no specific size of door or door frame for the mesh screen. Single or double door size can be installed with the mesh screen. You must have to look for the right size of your door to get it fit. Of course, you don’t want to get a mesh screen that is oversized or smaller than your door frame. Just see to it that you know the size of your door to get the right fit of a mesh screen.

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