If you own a pool in Australia, you probably already know that you must take certain precautions to ensure it meets state regulations for safety. Every pool must have a fence surrounding it to ensure it cannot be accessed by young children. Once a pool fence is correctly installed, the property owner will be issued with a certificate of compliance.

When choosing a pool fence, most people opt for glass, but why?

Unobstructed Views – One of the best things about glass pool fencing is unobstructed views. You can see who is near or in the pool at all times no matter where you are situated in the garden. This makes supervising children a lot easier. There is no guesswork involved and the kids have no place to hide. So, if you are looking for pool compliance Sydney, NSW, it is easier to your certificate when you have a glass fence in place.

No Grip – Another reason why so many choose glass pool fencing is because it is difficult to climb over. If there is no grip on the glass, it is impossible to make it over the fence. Traditional fencing can sometimes have holes that can be used for climbing, this is not the case with a glass pool fence.

Robust – Good quality glass fencing for a pool barrier is incredibly durable and strong. Once fitted by a professional, it will last for many years without any need of repair or replacement. It is made from tempered glass which makes it almost unbreakable.

Value for Money – A glass pool fence is a great investment. Although it generally costs more than other materials, it offers a host of benefits. Unlike wood or metal, it doesn’t require any maintenance. There is no need to apply a protective adhesive or paint when you have a glass pool fence.

Visual Appeal – When it comes to style and aesthetics, nothing beats a frameless glass pool fence. It gives your outdoor area a slick, modern look. In addition, it also helps to make the backyard look bigger which is great when entertaining guests and hosting parties.

When it comes to style, safety, visibility, and durability, you cannot look past a glass pool fence. They offer a multitude of benefits that other materials on the market cannot match. Although they are at the top end of the scale when it comes to price, they are worth the investment.

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