There can be many reasons why you would want to install automatic gates on your property, and they can help improve its aesthetics and security. There are many different options when you look at this, and you can choose an off-the-shelf option or have something custom-made for your property. You will need to consider many factors and ensure you make the best selection for your property, and some of these are listed below to help you get started.

The Type Of Gates You Want For Your Property

Before you start looking for a reputable company to make and install electric gates in Shrewsbury, you will first need to consider what you want for your property. There are many different types of automatic gates that you can choose from, and a few options are below:

  • Sliding Gates
  • Swinging gates
  • Telescopic Gates
  • Cantilever Gates
  • Bi-Folding Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gate

Look at the different options available, and then you can start considering the best material to use for the gates on your property.

A Choice Of Materials

You will also have plenty of choices available when choosing the material for your automatic gates on your property. Some of the most popular options include:

Wood: It can be a heavy and durable material but will require regular maintenance to keep them looking fantastic.

Iron: Iron is another common material to use that is heavy and strong, and although it will require maintenance, it requires less than wood.

Steel: Steel is another option available, but you will want to treat this and seal the material to ensure it does not rust.

Composite Materials: You can also consider using composite materials for your gate, which can be strong and sturdy and lightweight.

Once you have considered your various options for the materials you can use and the type of gate, you will also need to consider the optional extras you can include.

Optional Extras For Your Automatic Gates

There are also plenty of extra features you can include in your automatic gates, and you will need to consider this when making your choice. Some of the various extras you can choose can include:

CCTV: You can include a CCTV system so you can see people coming up to your gate and you know who is calling or trying to enter your property.

Solar Power: You can also include solar panels and batteries with your gates, so they will not cost you anything to use them.

Remote Control: You may also want to include a remote control for your automatic gates, so you do not need to get out of the car to open or close them.

An Intercom: Another optional extra that you can consider for your gates is an intercom, which will allow you to speak to people calling to your property and find out who they are before you let them in.

Once you have decided on the types of gates to install on your property and the extra features you want to include, you will need to find a reputable company to install them for you. Before choosing the company to install your automatic gates, do plenty of research, and shop around to ensure you get an excellent deal.

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