Renovations can be very costly and time-consuming, so it is sometimes easier to simply renovate one room at a time. It’s important to consider which room. The master bedroom is always a great option, as it’s your main living space and night-time retreat, but for a great renovation that can make your home feel completely new, consider a kitchen project for your next makeover.

In the Home, Kitchen is King

At most parties or social events, people tend to gravitate towards two main areas—the backyard, and the kitchen. Many projects take place in the kitchen, and it usually tends to be the centre of the household itself. If you plan on any renovation projects, many custom home builders in Canberra can make your dream kitchen become a reality. Here are some great options if you’d like to make your living space come alive:

  • Create an island: An island is a great way to open up space in your kitchen while creating more space for cooking at the same time. An island can become the main centre for conversation, and it can also double as a table for light drinks and snacks. Islands help create a more open atmosphere and are a naturally fabulous addition to any kitchen.
  • Spice up your spice rack: If you like to cook, you likely have an overflowing spice cabinet. Spices should be a focal point in your kitchen, and there are many ways to achieve this look. You can create a “hanging kitchen” by adding magnets into your cabinets, and magnet-safe jars to attach to the top. You can also build a few small shelves into the wall and arrange your spices in labelled mason jars for a rustic kitchen look.
  • Add unique accessories: If you have the space and you enjoy creating new dishes in the kitchen, opt for something out of the ordinary. Install a deep fryer next to your stovetop for French fries or jalapeno poppers at any time! Get a teppanyaki table at home for fun Japanese dinners any night of the week. Add a space just for a fancy bar. There are many creative ideas that will wow any guests and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

No matter what you chose to do with your home, always find ways to make it creative and uniquely yours. Your home should look and feel just how you like it.

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